Minister’s Welcome Page


from The Reverend Craig M. Nowak, Minister     RevCraig

On behalf of the members and friends of the fellowship, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Storrs (UUFS) website.  We’re so glad you’re here.

Founded in 1957, The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Storrs affirms the principles of  Unitarian Universalism, which calls us to live with compassion, seek justice, and support spiritual growth.  Our faith, while historically rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, draws from the wisdom of all the world’s great religious traditions. Among us are people of various theological views and life philosophies ranging from Christianity, and Buddhism to Agnosticism and Humanism united in purpose: lives of depth, meaning, and service.

Click Here to read more about Unitarian Universalism: and here to read about our principles and religious sources: Our Beliefs and Principles

UUFS is a community dedicated to spiritual growth through engagement with life’s joys and challenges and the exploration of meaning.  Each week we set aside time to gather as a community for worship. Through inspiring and, often challenging words, music and singing, offerings and activities to benefit the community within and outside our walls, we strive to support and encourage one another’s spiritual growth.

UUFS is a place of acceptance, a place to build and deepen relationships with others and yourself.  We are a covenanted rather than creedal community of various diversities with unique histories, ideas, stories, and beliefs.  We seek to understand and honor the interconnectedness of all life and how our relationship to self, one another, and nature impacts the world in which we live.

UUFS is a place, in the words of Unitarian Universalist theologian James Luther Adams, “to practice what it means to be human.”  In the midst of the hurried complexity and demands of modern life, we are a community that seeks perspective and gathers to empower one another toward lives of spiritual  depth,  personal fulfillment, and service to others.

I personally invite you to come, visit us in person, and see for yourself what UUFS is all about.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Craig